I have always been a language lover and I started to take a close interest in the profession of translator during my Bachelor course in Languages and Translation (licence Langues Étrangères Appliquées specialised in Translation and Multilingual Communication). At the end of my Bachelor's degree, following my internship in a translation agency, I was intent on making a career of it. So I completed a first year of Master's degree in Translation-Localisation and multilingual/multimedia communication in Rennes. Then, to best complete my training, I entered a Master 2 in Writing and Translation (Université de Bretagne Occidentale) and graduated in 2012 with honours.

During my training, I did three internships: two in translation agencies and one for a United Nations body called UNITAR. Each one allowed me to develop very valuable skills and, eventually, to get a very complete insight of the job. So upon graduation, I quickly decided to set up as a freelance translator.

Today, I work with translation agencies and direct clients, in France and other countries. Much of what I do relates to marketing, PR and business translation. I work a lot in the fashion and luxury industry (product descriptions, press releases, brochures, newsletters…), a field to which I am particularly attached. However, I translate various types of content falling under very different fields and I remain open to new opportunities to explore new areas.

If you need an effective and reliable translator qualified in any of these specific fields, maybe I can help you.

* Complete CV and references available upon request *